Listen to Ditchling Fair joint Chair, Jack Daniels, talk on BBC Sussex about the 2020 Scarecrow Competition. Aired on the Mid-Morning show on 30th March 2020. Scroll through the audio on the BBC website to about 18:14 to hear the interview. Alternatively, click on the image below for a slideshow video.

jack radio

You can view photos of all the historical Ditchling Scarecrow competition entries here.



We'd like to clarify a very important point about the recently launched village scarecrow competition.

The point of bringing the competition forward (to now rather than early May) is to give families and those isolating at home alone something positive, constructive and fun to focus on in these uncertain times. We want to foster a spirit of togetherness at a time when we have no choice but to physically distance ourselves from one another.

Ditchling Fair Scarecrow Poster - Download with a clickWe want you to help us make the 2020 Ditchling Fair Scarecrow Competition the best ever. To this end, please download and display a poster in your window and help us spread the word.

What times we are living in. With lock-downs and school-closures... in Ditchling we’ve decided to not let it get us down!!

With our own Ditchling 75th Anniversary VE Day Celebration cancelled, and with so much going on in the world right now we’ve decided to hold the Ditchling Scarecrow Celebration a month early.

We can build Scarecrows.


Here's a transcript of the video above.


As some of you may know, I am the Wizard of Ditchling.

We are living in extraordinary times - with the virus has come lockdowns, potential self-isolation and school closures.

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About Ditchling Fair

In 1312 King Edward II granted John de Warenne, Lord of the Manor, the right to run a Fair in Ditchling 'in the eve and in the day and in the morrow of St Margaret the Virgin' and thus was to be celebrated on July 20th.

More information is on The Ditchling History Project website...

John Broomfield Removals

John Broomfield RemovalsJohn Broomfield Removals are generously continuing to sponsor the Ditchling Fair Scarecrow Competition.

They are a local family-run business with 20 years of experience in the removal industry. They have built their reputation through their friendly and professional staff from the local area, which has provided a quality service.