Hi to all of you new Ditchling residents! come and meet the fair team at the Newcomer's Party in the Village Hall on 17th March, from 6-8pm

But - be warned we may try and coerce you into volunteering to be part what is arguably the social event of the summer calendar, and we will have snacks....!

It's  also a perfect chance to meet new people and find out about the many other clubs, societies and organisations that make Ditchling a thriving and stimulating community we love to live in.

So come join us, love to have you on board........

Our friends at the Ditchling History Project are a fantastic resource for so many things Ditchling. Their website has a comprehensive timeline of the fair dating back hundreds of years. Go have a look!

However right now they are looking for volunteers to join them in a one-off project to research the impact of World War I on the village - house by house - street by street.

Here is a list of all the competition winners throughout the day.

To the fabulous residents and visitors of Ditchling...

Thank you!

What a wonderful Fair Day it was – the Party Weather Gods were certainly smiling on us!

I enjoyed every bit of it, even the set up and take down were fun, thanks to the willing volunteers who showed up in the days surrounding the Fair.
The scarecrows were fabulous, all your costumes were amazing (St Margaret’s Church in the Jack & Jill Race!) and I loved seeing the procession, particularly the three younger Village Gems, looking splendid in their convertible.

On Wednesday 6th of July 2016, the current Ditchling Fair Committee and DVA will be hosting an open discussion starting at 7pm in the lower room of Ditchling Village Hall.

Five hours of entertainment, storytelling and discussions from local favourites and special guests. In the Lower Field with Harris’ Old Tyme Fair from Noon on Saturday. Curated by Ben Webster and sponsored by Chatt Estates.

Keep Coming Back

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About Ditchling Fair

In 1312 King Edward II granted John de Warenne, Lord of the Manor, the right to run a Fair in Ditchling 'in the eve and in the day and in the morrow of St Margaret the Virgin' and thus was to be celebrated on July 20th.

More information is on The Ditchling History Project website...