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Ditchling Fair
Joy & Jubilation

Come and celebrate our village fair Saturday 18th June 2022

Welcome to the great Ditchling Fair.

This year the fair theme is 'Joy and Jubilation', and it will be held on Saturday 18th June 2022.

We have so much to celebrate and be joyful and jubilant for as a village. After two years of pandemic, and consequently a cancelled 2020 fair, it will be four years since we all came together to dance, laugh, dress up, eat and drink, listen to live music and performance, play and dance a little more; and in doing so earn some funds for our very own Ditchling Village Association which does so much good for the community.


As the present joint chairs of the Fair Committee, we are very aware that we have 710 years of history and heritage behind us. The strong and sincere sense of community, inclusivity, cheeky irreverence and fun attitude this village has gives it, we think, a unique character, and nowhere is this more poignantly portrayed than on that glorious Saturday in June, every two years.

So what is fair day all about?

  • Dressing up, stepping out early, staying out late.
  • Admiring the speed - and laughing at the costumes - of the Jack and Jill racers.
  • Watching grown men and women battle in the Tug of War, and singing shoulder to shoulder at the bar.
  • Watching your kids dance in the sunshine, and your parents dance in the moonlight.
  • Marvelling at the history of Harris’s funfair.
  • Being inspired by the creativity and sheer energy of this ancient and highly vibrant village.
  • Bathing in the joy that people of all ages and backgrounds are coming together to share a day of joy and jubilation.

Truth be told, there’s no place we’d rather be. And we very much hope you'll join us on the day to celebrate Ditchling Village Fair.

Simon Woplin and Jack Daniels
Chairs of the Fair Committee

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Fair Programme
With details and timings available early June
Designed by Bob Stevens
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Ditchling Village Fair

There is no other English Village Fair quite like Ditchling Fair.

In 1312 King Edward II granted John de Warenne, Lord of the Manor, the right to run a Fair in Ditchling 'in the eve and in the day and in the morrow of St Margaret the Virgin' and we've been rocking it ever since! With events planned from dawn, right through the day and on into late evening this is a truly village affair and everyone is welcome.

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Ditchling Fair Day Parade


In 2022 we will be celebrating 710 Years of the Ditchling Fair!

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Ditchling Fair Day - Village Green

About Ditchling Fair

Ditchling Fair is truly one of the highlights of village life. A biennial event, 2022 will mark 710 years of celebration; and after a cancelled 2020 fair (due to the pandemic) we are all really excited and looking forward to this fair.

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DitchlingFair__GetInvolved_08 © Kris Pawlowski

Get Involved

Ditchling Fair is run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers. Not only is it hugely rewarding helping with the lead up as the fair comes together, but also on the day itself it is simply wonderful to be able to get involved and ensure the fair’s success.

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Scarecrow Competition

The Fair Scarecrow Competition began in 2004 and it has become a major part of the Ditchling Fair.

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News and Updates

As the fair date approaches, we will letting you know about new and exciting developments. Please follow us on social media.