• Ditchling Fair designs for 2022 © Design - Bob Stevens

Ditchling Fair
Designs for 2022

Ditchling Fair designs for 2024

The Ditchling Fair Committee are so delighted to again have had our own Bob Stevens with Max Lana design and create our wonderful graphics for the fair.

Bob grew up in Ditchling living in Barnfield Gardens, with his sister Stella and parents Angie and Mike, and attended St.Margaret’s Primary and Downlands Community School. More recently he graduated from Falmouth School of Art with a First Class Honours.

So we are simply thrilled to be the beneficiary of his incredible design ability; before he heads off for a no doubt long and successful career in London and beyond.

Bob’s approach to the fair brief was to create a series of graphics which encapsulate the real characters and joy that the fair can bring to all the community. Never more so than with the programme cover.

Thank you Bob and Max


Nb - The Ditchling Fair programme is published in early June. The 40 page programme will be printed and available to buy from Ditchling Post Office. Please do buy a copy and support us; all proceeds go to charity.

Ditchling Fair Day - Village Green

About Ditchling Fair

Ditchling Fair is truly one of the highlights of village life. A biennial event, 2024 will mark 712 years of celebration; and this year we're more excited than ever!

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DitchlingFair__GetInvolved_08 © Kris Pawlowski

Get Involved

Ditchling Fair is run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers. Not only is it hugely rewarding helping with the lead up as the fair comes together, but also on the day itself it is simply wonderful to be able to get involved and ensure the fair’s success.

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DitchlingFair__GetInTouch_09 © Kris Pawlowski

Get in touch

Ditchling Fair is a volunteer run event for all the village. If you would like to join us and volunteer to get involved, or book a stall on the village green then please do get in touch.

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News and Updates

As the fair date approaches, we will letting you know about new and exciting developments. Please follow us on social media.