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Ditchling Fair - Afternoon Events

Come the afternoon, come the big events of the day. Starting with the glorious procession through the village led by the mounted Sussex Yeomanry we arrive on the village green to open the afternoon festivities. Surrounded by stalls offering games, crafts and local interest groups, there are food and bar providers aplenty keep us fed and watered.

In the centre of the green, you can look forward to the Tug-O-War, special features, the Dog Show, the In-Crowd competition, the Egg Toss game and as evening approaches marvel at the most quintessentially English village Maypole Dancing display.




The Ditchling Fair Procession is an absolute highlight of fair day.

Please dress up and join the procession through Ditchling on Fair day, Saturday 18 June 2022 at 1.00 pm!

You are invited and encouraged to improvise on the theme of ‘Joy and Jubilation’ and maybe take the opportunity to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in your chosen outfit. However, if you would prefer to wear a costume that doesn’t quite fit the theme, please feel free to do so! Taking part, dressing up, and bringing a joyful attitude is as important as what you choose to wear!

Groups and individuals should gather at the start point outside Ditchling (St Margaret’s) Primary School by 12.45 pm, apart from groups with pre-school-age children who will be walking. They should instead gather and register at the scout hut on East End Lane by 1.00 pm so that they can join in towards the front and help lead the procession to the village green. It is a walking procession – no floats.

Please email thefairchair@gmail.com to let us know that you or your group will be taking part, but you can register on the day. Someone from each group will need to fill in a short registration form at the start point.


Ditchling Fair Day - Village Green

Village Green & Stalls

The Village Green, and the surrounding stalls lie at the very heart of Ditchling Fair as the afternoon festivities kick off.

You simply never know what you will find, but you can be sure to have hours of entertainment as you wander through the stalls and marvel at the creativity and dedication of the various organisations and activities on display. Over the years we usually have local interest groups explaining what they do and how you can get involved, arts & crafts locally made, an opportunity to rummage through book and clothe stalls, handmade goods, charities, cakes and delicious dainties for sale…the list goes on.

Truth is we never quite know who is going to bid for a stall; all we do know is that we have more people wanting to rake a slot in order to meet the lovely folk of Ditchling than we have stalls available! So if you would like to book a stall and get involved please do get in touch. There are only a few places left, and they are filling up fast so get in touch today.

Ditchling Fair Tug-O-War


The Tug of War returns for this year’s Fair. Get together a team of eight and join in the fun. To join please make yourself and your team name known to the Tug of War organiser on the day.

Medals and trophy for the winning team will be awarded. Get your team together early as we only have time for 8 teams. Winners are decided by knock-out stages, but every team qualifies for the quarter finals!

So start making a team up now and come and join in the fun as the whole village will be screaming out for one side or another! A team can be made up from anywhere – it can be your local parent toddler group, beer buddies, cycle group, cricket team…literally find eight willing participants and you’re all set.

Details of how to join will be in the official programme available in early June; but with only room for eight teams in all be sure to be ready, buy the programme and get your bid in promptly to avoid disappointment.

DitchlingFairStreetFood copy

Food & Drink

This year the Ditchling Fair is proud to present a tasty line-up of traders from Street Diner, Brighton’s biggest weekly street food market.

Expect street food flavours from around the world from midday onwards. Menus include gourmet cheese toasties, super salads, steamed bao, artisan pizza, spectacular fish subs and more. Head to the War Memorial when you’re feeling hungry and fill up on the good stuff.

Meanwhile in the Barn lots of local volunteers are serving up a wonderful array of homemade cakes and sandwiches, together with teas and coffees, with 50% of proceeds going to the Ditchling Village Association and 50% to the Friends of St Margaret’s Church Ditchling.

And not forgetting our very own fine pubs and cafes – The White Horse, The Bull, The Nutmeg Tree and The Green Welly.

There’s something for everyone.

Museum_SteamPrint © Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft

Special Feature

Ditchling Fair is definitely a traditional English fair with all the events and activities that you would expect; coupled with many completely unique and crazy traditions all of our own of course! Well this is Ditchling after all.

However we always aim to keep a few surprise events up our sleeve for the big day, and we hope 2022 will be no different. Over the years we have had climbing walls through to the magnificent Big Steam Art Print activity run by our very own Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft’s. We are working on this year’s special feature, so be sure to be there on the day and take part.

Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft’s ‘Big Steam Art Print’ at Ditchling Fair – To view

Ditchling Fair - Dog Show

Dog Show

Once again our four legged friends will take centre stage during the Fair Dog Show on the Village Green. Bring your dogs along and enjoy the fun.

This year we have three classes: Best fancy dress reflecting the Fair theme – Joy & Jubilation, the dog with the Waggiest Tail and Musical bales.

Details on how to enter and what time will be available in the programme (published early June).  It’s going to be WOOFTASTIC !

DitchlingFair__Afternoon_24 © Kris Pawlowski

The In-Crowd

Are you in with the In-Crowd?

The big money quiz game that’s easy to enter and fun
to play in the arena on the Green.

Are you In with the In Crowd? is the general knowledge quiz game for everyone, and it couldn’t be simpler. There’s nothing to write down or shout out: you just join the crowd in the arena and listen.

Each question has two possible answers, and the crowd splits into two parts: if you’re in the part that has the right answer, then you’re In with the In Crowd, and you stay in the arena. We keep asking questions until there’s a winner – it’s that easy!

Did we mention the money? 75% of the ticket money goes to charity, and 25% goers to the winner.

In the last three fairs, we’ve sold out at 400 tickets, and we’re aiming to do the same again this year. If we succeed, the prize will be £200!

Make sure you’re not left out. There will be ticket sellers on the High Street and the Green throughout the day – and remember, the more people taking part, the bigger the prize, so get everyone you know to join in – form a team if you like – but remember you’ve got be in it to win it!

Girl catching egg

Sponsored by The Macs Farm

We are a fourth generation organic egg farming family who really love what we do! Our farm is located in the beautiful village of Ditchling in East Sussex; offering camping, live events and great eggs.

Visit sponsor site

Egg Toss

Introduced to the fair in 2018, this event went down a storm. However be warned, it is heart in your mouth tense to watch and beyond nerve wracking to play!

Open to pairs (all ages, heights and abilities welcome); and each pair will be given an ODETTE (Officially Designated Egg Toss Throwing Egg). Competitors stand 1 metre apart and throw ODETTE with their partner catching it. Everyone takes one step back, and again throw ODETTE. Repeat.

The winners are those who are brave enough to get the furthest distance apart and still successfully throw and catch ODETTE without her cracking.

Judges decision is final.

Want to take part? Entry details and timings to be published in the programme in early June so be sure to buy your copy.


Ditchling Fair Maypole Dancing

May Pole Dancing

What could be more timeless and traditionally nostalgic that to witness some old world Maypole dancing.

Every fair day the display is both magical and mesmeric to watch. Run by our very own Ditchling Morris, they are always looking for new members to learn these ancient dances and traditions. If you would like to get involved, why not reach out and get in touch with them. It is open to all and you would be so welcome.

Ditchling Fair Day - Village Green

About Ditchling Fair

Ditchling Fair is truly one of the highlights of village life. A biennial event, 2024 will mark 712 years of celebration; and this year we're more excited than ever!

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Get Involved

Ditchling Fair is run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers. Not only is it hugely rewarding helping with the lead up as the fair comes together, but also on the day itself it is simply wonderful to be able to get involved and ensure the fair’s success.

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Get in touch

Ditchling Fair is a volunteer run event for all the village. If you would like to join us and volunteer to get involved, or book a stall on the village green then please do get in touch.

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News and Updates

As the fair date approaches, we will letting you know about new and exciting developments. Please follow us on social media.